ROS 2 Lessons and Build Instructions

Lessons (Beginner): Add the Motor + Speed Encoder Sensors

With the Motor + Speed Encoder Sensor Add-On, your Hadabot "Turtle" robot will be able to measure how fast its wheels spin. This begins your journey to learn about robot odometry which is an essential component to learning robot navigation.

Lessons (Beginner): Add the Range Sensors

The Range Sensor Add-On gives your Hadabot "Turtle" robot the ability to measure the distance of objects within its vicinity. Paired with odometry from the motor speed sensors, you can learn concepts related to motion planning, localization, and mapping.

Lessons (Intermediate): Introduction to Mobile Robotics

Follow along Professor Dr. Carlotta Berry's (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) online ECE425 Course on Mobile Robotics to learn the basic principles of mobile robotics history, theory, hardware, and control. Topics will include robot components, locomotion, sensors, control architecture, localization, and navigation.

While learning from the MOOCs videos, do the following Hadabot ROS 2 based assignments (adopted from the original courseware) using Python on your Hadabot Turtle robot.

Lessons (Advanced): Probabilistic Robotics

Professor Dr. Wolfram Burgard is a co-author (along with Sebastian Thrun and Dieter Fox) of the seminal textbook Probabilistic Robotics.

Follow along Professor Burgard's online course on Mobile Robotics to learn probabilistic approaches to sensor modeling, motion modeling, localization, mapping, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Learn these concepts fundamental to creating a self-driving, autonomous vehicle, while doing the following suggested assignments (adopted from the original courseware) using ROS 2 and Python on your Hadabot Turtle robot.